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Types of bag filter accessories

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Types of bag filter accessories

Bag dust collector accessories include bag bags, skeletons (bag cages), electromagnetic pulse valves, pulse controllers, star-type ash discharge valves, etc., anode plates for electric precipitators, thorn wire, anode and cathode rapping, porcelain bottles, Special accessories for various dust collectors such as porcelain shafts. Applicable to bag dust collector, cyclone dust collector, wet dust collector, water film dust collector, electrostatic precipitator and other accessories on environmental protection dust removal equipment. The operation is reliable and stable. The noise is low. The fault is less. The service life is long. The performance is good. The wear resistance is high. By adopting the principle of planetary rotation, the input and output are on the same axis, and the uniqueness is directly integrated with the motor, so the structure is compact and beautiful, novel, small in size and light in weight. Bags and dust removal accessories The fabric and design of the dust bag should be as efficient as possible, easy to dust and durable. Dust removal skeleton is also called frame and bag cage. The bag dust removal accessory uses a high frequency welder to weld the skeleton once. Use wire or stainless steel wire with sufficient strength and rigidity.

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