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The advantages of the MB (Modular Baghouse) dust collector are reflected in the breakthrough Dura-LifeTM filter bag technology, which results in longer life and lower emissions. The MB dust collector is highly reliable and easy to maintain even if it is repaired. Both the air intake and the baffle are optimized by computer design and optimized for the spacing of the filter bags to achieve better airflow patterns while reducing wear. The advanced back-blowing valve, which is 50% more clean air than usual, makes the back-blowing effect more effective. Compared to other dust collectors, MB is your value choice!


The Donaldson MB Dust Collector features a compact module design with the following features:

   ? High inlet air model maintains high filtration wind speed for lighter dust filtration

   ? Square shape reduces pipe installation and accessory costs

   ? Dura-Life filter bags last twice as long as polyester filter bags

   ? Replace the filter bag on the clean air side

   ? Durable welded box structure

   ? Optional TBI fans are integrated into one to save installation space

   ? Install filter bags and filter bag holders without any tool assistance



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