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Dalamatic Insertable (DLMV) plug-in dust collector: High-density dust can be processed at high filtration speeds, and its plug-in design is especially used for warehouses, hoppers, explosion chambers and other storage. Installation is simple and easy, as long as it is inserted into the reservoir or hopper, it can continuously replace the air and maintain efficient dust removal with constant system resistance. DLMV precipitators are widely used in a variety of applications where handling, handling and storage of large quantities of powdered materials.

? Five configurations make it suitable for most process applications.

? In addition to being able to be used for positive pressure delivery, it can also be used with fan air.

? The filter bag can be installed vertically and horizontally and can be mounted at special angles if required.

? Can be inserted into the cover of the belt conveyor point, bucket elevator shell, belt mixer and clamshell unloader ash bucket.

? The insertion method saves the cost of piping and reduces operating costs.


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